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2/18/2011 - Internet Browsers

I have been in the web industry for MANY years now, and as the years have passed, I have realized more and more that people who surf the web have no idea what they are doing.

Today's post is about Internet Browsers.  A browser is a program that is used on your computer to view web pages.  Many people (even still) use a browser called Internet Explorer.  Another portion of people will use Firefox.  And another portion (even smaller than the prior) use Google Chrome.  All the other browsers out there really don't make too much of a dent, so we won't worry about those.

Let's start out simply, all of these browsers view webpages and all of these browsers have some great and not so great features.  When I was still a computer trainer many years ago, someone was talking to me about this stuff called spyware / adware.  I had NEVER heard of spyware and had no idea what it did.  Most people ended up installing some form of program unknowingly into their browser (usually when surfing adult websites), and the hijacking would then occur.

Now, the problem is, some website's have these advertising banners at the top of the page that come from special advertising networks.  These networks have hundreds of thousands of clients, and the people that generate these banners have been getting very crafty.

With a little programming know-how, these banners can actually spread a virus / spyware / adware into your browser without your knowledge.  The two most susceptible browsers have been Internet Explorer (Microsoft), and Firefox (Mozilla).  Firefox much less susceptible than IE.

So, every few weeks I will get another phone call about a computer running slow, or a virus is installed on their computer or some crazy crap like that.  Regardless, I have become the fixer for all those people that are having computer troubles!  Yay for me!

So, here's what I do.  I do a system restore to about 2 weeks prior to when they think the issue started happening.  I remove all instances of Internet Explorer / AOL / Firefox and install Google Chrome instead.  As it is right now, Google Chrome has not come under fire like the other browsers for many reasons.  Many people don't use Chrome, and Google has some fantastic programmers.

At this point, your computer should run a bit faster and have a lot less problems.

Good luck with that, and if you need anything, just drop me an email.

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