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7/27/2011 - Android

Over the years i've used a lot of technology.  As of recent, the most commonly used and most cherished is my phone.  Recently I have upgraded from a Palm Pixi (which was awesome when it first showed its face) to a Samsung Epic 4G w/ Android.  I must tell you this.  This is by far the best phone I had ever used.  The only downfall to the phone is the slide out keyboard.  Sometimes i'll hit keys and the letters don't show up.  I've been using swype for the most part regardless.

The real purpose for this post is for the lone fact of the operating system found on the phone.  The phone is built with an operating system built by Google known as Android.  It's a fantastic os, and I really don't think they could have done much better regarding all of the features.  Some of the built in software is annoying to use (e-mail is buggy), so you just get something from the android marketplace or amazon appstore (K-9 Mail replaced the e-mail app) at a low or no cost.

I can't rave enough about this thing, and i'm really glad I made the upgrade.  I just wish the keyboard was a little better.

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