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About Jake Siegel

My name is Jake Siegel. I am a Web Developer located on Long Island, NY.

My computer training started at a relatively early age. When I was growing up, I started learning how to use computers. I started on a Vic 20 and eventually graduated to a Commodore 64, which for its time taught me quite a bit. Once Windows 95 came around, and my dad got us an IBM Aptiva, I was quite literally amazed with what the computer can now do.

Over the first few years, I must have 'broke' the same computer at least 5 or 6 times! From breaking the machine, I would then learn how to fix it. Lots of fun, and lots of trial and error. Regardless, all the fixing helped me hone my skills even further.

Around this point, I started teaching computers at a local training facility in Commack, NY. This is where my knowledge grew by leaps and bounds. I started teaching people how to use computers, build websites, and I wanted to know as much as I possibly could so I wouldn't get stuck with questions that were too hard to answer.

I'm always here to help, and if you need any, feel free to contact me through my contact page, or just simply drop me an email at jake@jakesiegel.com.

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